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Campania’s: food and flavours



guided tour / 50m / age 6-18 / 7,50 € *


An extraordinary itinerary to discover one of the oldest and most prestigious pasta factories in the ancient pasta district of Gragnano.  The modern pasta factory has adopted a production philosophy that, while using the most modern technologies, remains firmly bound to the needs of craftsmanship of the highest quality: high quality grains, fresh semolina, bronze dies, working cycles in small batches, slow drying and low temperature. The guided tour ends at the showroom of the pasta factory where it is possible to buy the products. The visit can also be combined with a tasty lunch stop at the "maccaroneria" inside the pasta factory





guided tour / 2h 20m / age 6-18 / 7,50 €  *


Guided tour to discover San Marco dei Cavoti's historic centre and its nougat shops. Complementary guided tour to discover one of the largest italian wind farm






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* Price per person "all-inclusive", referring to European Union school groups composed of a minimum of 26 and a maximum of 52 payers, including: taxes + entrance fees + booking costs + teaching services (1 guide x group: increaseable number, upon request, subject to supplement) + telephone assistance services + insurance coverage + free teachers 1/10.


Refering to Italian State monumental sites, "all-inclusive" formula is intended to refer to EU public and private schools until saturation of entry quotas. Only in this case the monuments entance is free of charge provided that the students and teachers nominativ list is presented to the ticket office. In case of saturation of the above mentioned entry quotas, the EU schools will be able to carry out the visit, on the selected days and times, only subject to the the entry ticket payment.


The price to be paid, for admission to monuments and sites not managed by the Italian State, is included in the "all inclusive" formula, unless explicitly and differently indicated in the notes.


In case of rain, the outdoor itineraries are carried out with the help of standard rain protection devices.


Any changes/additions to the "all-inclusive" formula are reported in the notes attached to the individual itineraries.

The "all-inclusive" formula includes a 5% discount for tourist intermediaries

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