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Campania’s: protected areas, volcanoes and caves 








2 guided tours / 1 day / age 11-18 / 21,00 €* / notes 14, 28, 42, 44


The most complete of the itineraries dedicated to the Somma-Vesuvio volcanic complex. It is first visit the Vesuvius' Crater, then the guided tour is continued into the Hell Valley: the bottom of the caldera generated by the sinking of the ancient Somma volcano
Cratere del Vesuvio e valle dell'Inferno Vesuvius vent and hell valley






guided tour / 5h / age 14-18 / 11,00 €* / notes 28, 44


The itinerary takes place on the bottom and the edges of the ancient caldera, generated by the sinking of the ancient volcano Somma, within which the Vesuvius' Crater was formed. The entire history of the volcano in a single tour!







2 guided tours / 1/2 day / age 11-18 / 18,00 € * / notes 14, 42, 44


An extraordinary two-stage walking itinerary dedicated to the last Vesuvius' eruption. First it is visited the Vesuvius' Crater, then it continues on the cyclopean lava flow generated by the 1944 Vesuvius' eruption






guided tours / from 1h 30m to 2h 30m / age 11-18 / 16,00 € * / notes 4, 20, 21, 44


Spectacular evening or night itineraries, in the Vesuvius National Park which, thanks to flashlights provided to visitors, allow to visit, under stars lights, some of the most exciting places of the planet

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio escursioni notturne Vesuvius National Park night tours






guided tour / 2h 30m / age 11-18 / 7,50 € * / notes 20, 44


A spectacular excursion inside an immense crater originated by the sinking of the ancient Somma volcano

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio sentiero della Valle dell'Inferno Vesuvius National Park hell valley pat






guided tour / 2h / age 4-18 / 7,50 € * / notes 20, 44


A flat itinerary, suitable for all ages, full of flora and panoramic views. The itinerary takes place near the eccentric eruptive vents generated by the 1794 Vesuvius' eruption

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio sentiero del piano delle ginestre Vesuvius National Parrk broom highland pat







guided tour / 1h 30m / age 6-18 / 7,50 € * / notes 20, 44


Short and easy guided tour, which allows to reach the 1944 Vesuvius' lava flow, with a bird's eye view on the bay of Naples

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio sentiero del fiume di lava Vesuvius National Park lava river pat





Ticket entrance + guided tour / 1h / age 4-18 / 8,50 € * / notes 14, 45


An extraordinary eruptive crater, characterized by a boiling mud lake and fumaroles, incredibly equipped with picnic area, playground and bar!

Vulcano Solfatara Solfatara Volcano





guided tour / 3h / age 6-18 / 7,50 € * / note 11, 48


An enchanted valley, seat of Amalfi's medioeval industries, among water games, mills and ancient paper mills. The Mills Valley path can be reached by a boat trip of about 30 minutes and a very short walk on foot. The transport service is optional and not price included

Valle dei Mulini di Amalfi Amalfi Mills Valley







guided tour / 1 day / age 4-18 / 8,50 € * / notes 9, 14, 29
guided tour / 3h / age 4-18 / 6,50 € * / notes 9, 14, 30


Not only nature! The Alento's Oasi is equipped with fountains, streams, playground for children, short paths equipped for pleasant walks, a longer hiking trail along the lake, a picnic area, a garden bar and a restaurant








guided tour / 1h / age 6-18 / 10,00 € * / note 25
guided tour / 1h 40m / age 6-18 / 15,00 € * / note 33


One of the largest underground complexes in southern Italy, the only one characterized by an exciting and picturesque entry by boat

Grotte di Pertosa Pertosa Caves






guided tour / 1h / age 6-18 / 8,00 € *


Located in the the Cilento National Park, the Castelcivita Caves represent, with over 1,700 meters of tourist route, one of the largest speleological complexes in southern Italy






Info and booking: tel. +39 081 5542006; email


* Price per person "all-inclusive", referring to European Union school groups composed of a minimum of 26 and a maximum of 52 payers, including: taxes + entrance fees + booking costs + teaching services (1 guide x group: increaseable number, upon request, subject to supplement) + telephone assistance services + insurance coverage + free teachers 1/10.


Refering to Italian State monumental sites, "all-inclusive" formula is intended to refer to EU public and private schools until saturation of entry quotas. Only in this case the monuments entance is free of charge provided that the students and teachers nominativ list is presented to the ticket office. In case of saturation of the above mentioned entry quotas, the EU schools will be able to carry out the visit, on the selected days and times, only subject to the the entry ticket payment.


The price to be paid, for admission to monuments and sites not managed by the Italian State, is included in the "all inclusive" formula, unless explicitly and differently indicated in the notes.


In case of rain, the outdoor itineraries are carried out with the help of standard rain protection devices.


Any changes/additions to the "all-inclusive" formula are reported in the notes attached to the individual itineraries.


The "all-inclusive" formula includes a 5% discount for tourist intermediaries




4. One teaching operator will be assigned for each group of maximum 26 paying students

9. One teaching operator will be assigned for each group of maximum 35 paying students

11. Alternative tour in case of rain: Amalfi Historical Centre

14. Price is not to be discounted to tourist intermediaries

20. In case of rain, the guided tour will take place on the vehicle provided by users, along the road that leads to the Vesuvis' Crater, with stops and explanations near the entrance of each path along the road

21. The price includes the use of flashlights distributed to students. In case of excursions that end after sunset, the activity takes place exclusively along the Stone River path (1h 30m). In case of evening excursions, ending before the sun light falls, you can opt for the longest path of the Hell Valley (2h 30m)

25. Guided tour price includes, a boat use to cross the caves flooded entrance, then a route, on foot, about 1 km long

28. The path, due to its length and height differences, is only suitable for well-trained hikers. We recommend a layered clothing, suitable for high altitude excursions. We also recommend: water supplies, hiker's pedule, sunglasses and hats

29. Price includes: oasis entrance  + dam visit + naturalistic excursion + botanical garden visit + use of picnic area

30. Price includes: oasis entrance  + dam visit + naturalistic excursion + botanical garden visit + use of picnic area

33. Guided tour includes two boat routes, with a total length of about 400 meters, as well as a fascinating foot walk of about 1,500 meters

42. Price inclusive of Vesuvius' entrance tickhet (8.00 € per person). If Vesuvius' entrance tickhet will increases, there will be an equal change in the combined itinerary total price. In case of rain, the so-called "Vesuvius' Mineralogical Workshop" will replace Vesuvius' Crater guided tour. The second guided tour will instead take place on the vehicle made available by users, along the road that leads to Vesuvius' Crater, with stops and explanations near the entrance of each path along the road

44. In order to obtaine disabled students free admission, the school is obliged to issue a declaration regarding their presence in the visiting group. It must be drawn up on the school's headed paper and must be signed by principal

48. Amalfi can be reached from Salerno by a 35-minute boat trip. The transport service, optional and not price included , allows, both to overcome the access limits of the Amalfi Coast, both to turn the trip into a beautiful mini-cruise

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